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Painful cuts are on the way

Public school districts across the state of Florida are bracing themselves for funding cuts that could result in the loss of tens of millions of dollars in state funding.

Long anticipated cuts are a step closer to reality as the Florida House and Senate budgets are fixed and the reconciliation process begins.

Each proposal contains significant reductions in per pupil funding which could translate into layoffs, reduction in programs and even the closure of schools.

Florida has traditionally underfunded its public education system and the proposed cuts will severely test the ability of school district to maintain quality while attempting to satisfy state mandated initiatives that impose greater accountability, much more to come.....

Hillsborough County School Board Meeting - 6/11 @ 4 PM

Temple Terrace City Hall
11250 N 56th Street
Temple Terrace Fl, 33617

In the Tampa Bay area public school districts are entrusted with multi billion dollar budgets that directly impact over 500,000 students, 50,000 employees and thousands of vendors and service providers.

Elected school boards in each of the counties are tasked with overseeing these dollars and providing oversight.

Ultimately, however,it falls upon the citizenry to monitor the conduct and expenditures of public dollars and the quality of education being provided to children.

Reports of many children struggling to attain a quality public education have been featured prominently in the local media and underscores the need for parents, family members and all stakeholders to actively participate in the educational process.

Please consider attending an upcoming school board meeting to add your voice to the call for a high quality public education for all children.