The Brink Foundation
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About Us

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The Brink Foundation is a private family foundation based in Tampa, Florida. Established in 2008 to promote Social Justice and Equality, the Foundation funds organizations and programs that deliver measurable improvements in the following areas:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Economic Empowerment
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Civic Engagement

The Foundation recognizes that resources are limited  and that promoting systemic changes requires extreme focus. Consequently, the majority of the Foundation’s annual grant-making activities are directed towards the listed areas.

In these endeavors, the Foundation strives to maximize the impact of its grant portfolio by concentrating its support where it can be most effective, by seeking to utilize its own philanthropic funds to leverage other resources and by supporting organizations with a demonstrated capacity to achieve their objectives or which evidence strong promise of doing so. Where possible, funds are used in a strategic fashion that attracts additional donors.

The Foundation generally funds organizations that serve communities in Florida and Utah, but may also consider organizations that serve a broader community if there is a demonstrable compelling need.